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Pen on Fire
Barbara DeMarco-Barrett

Busy Woman's GT Igniting Writer Within

"In her years of teaching, Barbara DeMarco-Barrett has found aspiring writers (especially women) blocked not by fear of the blank page but by the lack of time. Finding even an hour, much less a day, free of work, children, or chores can seem impossible. But you don't need an hour. Start looking for just fifteen minutes a day - minutes spent stalled in traffic, waiting for water to boil, stock on hold - and DeMarco-Barrett will help you turn them into productive sessions that get and keep your creativity flowing. In short, inspiriting chapters, she offers classroom-tested exercised and innovative techniques for generating ideas, as well as advice from well-known authors. Give her fifteen minutes: She'll ignite your pen and help you become the writer you have always wanted to be."

A Harvest Original - Harcourt, Inc., 2004
262 pages     Trade paper
$14.00    less 20% discount