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Out of North Korea
A Korean Boy Tells His Rescue Story in Pictures

A stirring account of a rescue story you won t hear in the news a true story about a boy you will never forget. To stay in North Korea meant starvation. To leave meant risk of capture, torture and even execution by North Korean police. Gilsu, with his family, decided to risk his life and leave North Korea to seek food and freedom in China. His mother worked in China to provide food but was arrested at her work place and repatriated to a North Korean concentration camp. Devastated, fourteen-year-old Gilsu went back inside and frantically searched for his mother. Weeks later he escaped out of North Korea a second time alone, brokenhearted and starving. This time, only a miracle could save him. This is an adult picture book with graphic violence and is intended for viewing by adults only.

History Maker Publishing, 2011
ISBN 978-1-60066-274-4
72 pages. Hardback.
$16.99 retail – FREE to those called to raise their voice on behalf of North Korean refugees.