Ampelos Press Books

Vision Statement

Strongly, unashamedly, uncompromisingly Christ-centered.
Exalting the name of Jesus Christ.
Seeking to teach His ways
through holding up the Word of God
as the Standard.

Ampelos is the Greek word
for vine in John 15:4.



To make it possible for Christians to self-publish their books affordably yet professionally. Services (depending on what is needed) include critiquing, editing, proofreading, typesetting, and cover design.

Before making the decision to self-publish, it is important to carefully and prayerfully consider all the options and not to give up too soon looking for a royalty publisher. My 6-1/2 hour Get Your Book in Print Seminar on CD includes workshops on "Laying a Solid Foundation for Your Book" and "Writing a Green-Light Book Proposal." Handouts are included if you order the entire seminar.

Please note that because of my responsibilities directing the Colorado and Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conferences, I am presently unable to consider any manuscripts. I would encourage you to order my CD, "Beginning in Jerusalem through Self-Publishing" that is also part of my Get Your Book in Print Seminar. It provides information on the steps involved in self-publishing. The more of these steps you can do yourself, the more affordable self-publishing becomes.

You will need a good editor. For a list of editors I recommend click here.

One more thing - Before making a decision to self-publish, be sure to prayerfully consider your potential readership and how you will reach them. I recommend my workshop "Spreading the Word through Effective Promotion" that is available on CD. It is part of my Get Your Book in Print Seminar on CD or can be purchased separately.

Ampelos Press Books